silicon kafe

a small urban refuge with a high creative rate

by nina zerby

In the town of Thiene there is a place with a very high creative rate, a small urban refuge where you never get bored, where you will always find something different to do and people ready to welcome you with a smile at any time of the day. This is the Silicon Kafe, the club that since 1993 does not stop at nothing by offering courses in dance, sport, culture and much more. It can be defined without any doubt a real community where at the helm, the powerful Bruna together with her collaborators, shares the passion for dance in its innumerable facets and other myriads of activities developed within the walls of its magical container. In the heart of the little city of Thiene, avoiding going into the details of this unprecedented 2020, the irrepressible Bruna (I wondered several times if WonderWoman was really her) gives life to events, social dance evenings, workshops, milongas in an atmosphere of joy and inclusion. This is certain: whoever enters here will no longer be able to do without it! Fun is guaranteed and it is the other cornerstone of Silicon, which acts as a real social aggregator. Everyone is dancing here, really everyone, even the chairs! No competitions, only beauty and joy open to a rather wide age range.

Silicon Kafe is a house, a house where everyday life is lived through dance, sport, a home of happy people. Entering here does not simply mean “dancing” or taking part in courses to keep fit. Within this word, Silicon, which pleasantly resonates in the days of those who live in the club, there is much more. A way of being, a type of life faced with a smile, a school that looks after its students and trains them in the best way not only in terms of learning a discipline but above all in terms of human relations.

re the various disciplines proposed by the teachers are not only the beating heart of the club but also a means to achieve something more: a way to feel good, where you meet with a smile and we walk together. This is what has distinguished Silicon since 1993, making it unique. A colorful “urban refuge” that fills the days alternating lessons with vibrant events of the energy of all the people who are part of it.

photo courtesy Silicon Kafe