Peggy Guggenheim Collection

The secret box has reopened. Peggy Guggenheim Collection opens the doors to its audience

di nina zerby

Venice, the city on the water, the one that mesmerizes, that attracts and at the same time rejects, that labyrinth that every time imprisons the soul. That kind of phantasmagoric suspension that laps the streets of the city especially at night.

The city reflected in precarious balance, embedded in the history of its seabed. Venice, a very open but at the same time very closed place, the one capable of responding with summary or very precise indications at the same time, where your direction will always be “beyond”.

Most of all Venice teaches to be patient and to enjoy every moment of freedom.

If you were not born, deciding to move to this city implies audacity, the audacity of those who can understand the fragile beauty of an ecosystem as delicate as it is precious. Yesterday as today and as when in 1949 Peggy Guggenheim decided to land on the island by purchasing the mysterious Palazzo Venier Leoni without any fear, transforming it into her home and into a magical casket destined to change the face of collecting forever.

After 86 days of closure in which the whole world had to stop, the unique atmosphere of what was Peggy’s home for thirty years finally comes back to life. The collection, for us who have seen and revised it hundreds of times, never ceases to hit our soul and heart, the plot of an intimate, introspective journey, a portrait of the story of a whole life, that of an histrionic woman. Room after room, your breath suspended and before your eyes the choices of a meticulous patron, able to understand the work of the artists and promote thought by telling boundless mental landscapes.

Welcome back Peggy!
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