Olivini family winery

The Olivini Family Winery on the shores of Garda lake

by federica lago

Water, a vital element that conditions the soil, plants, climate; one of the essential factors for the production of wine.

From here we start, from the shores of Lake Garda, a territory that continues from the water in a succession of vineyards, wineries, villages and castles, to tell you about the Olivini family, but above all about their cellar.

The winery was founded in 2000, continuing the grandparents’ business started in 1970. Here tradition and innovation give life to a truly unique project: 15 hectares on the limestone clays of the Garda moraine hills, tiring to “tame”, difficult to work but which they give exceptional grapes, offering interesting wines and daring experiments.

We refer to the choice of producing a Spumante Metodo Classico from native grapes, Trebbiano di Lugana, conquering consumers and winelovers for its aromatic and mineral qualities.

In total, the Olivini Winery produces eleven wines including still whites, Classic Method bubbles, rosé, red wines and a sweet wine, grappa and olive oil, a must on Lake Garda.

All products that best express the unique territory from which they are born.

Last year the new winery was inaugurated, and we want to focus on this.

With the collaboration of the architect Massimo Carolei, a modern structure was born next to the ancient main farmhouse that has dominated the Demesse Vecchie property for almost 300 years.

On the front the façade communicates with the farmhouse and the vineyard, on the back a flat roof terrace encloses the heart of the production area.

The terrace on the first floor and the porch on the ground floor reflect the full and empty spaces of the eighteenth-century farmhouse. The openings are made up of very modern and large cuts that show anyone who enters the cellar where it is located: in the middle of the vineyards, almost as if they were to enter the portion dedicated to the wine shop.

The colors chosen for this innovative space recall the naturalness of the vineyard and the colors of the earth: the green of the leaves and the clay that distinguishes the area. The same philosophy in the care of the materials, iron and wood, which dominate the interior spaces and make the welcome a true immersive experience.

A clear departure from traditional architecture, to find its distinctive trait in purity, essentiality and elegance.

photo courtesy Cantina Famiglia Olivini