Maeli Winery House

Maeli Winery House: in the green of the Euganean Hills Regional Park

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Among the hills of the Euganean Hills Regional Park, the first and only biodistrict of the Veneto, where the territory is volcanic, there is an enchanting cellar with accommodation, an excellent opportunity to plan a weekend to discover the Moscato Giallo Maeli.


We are in Baone, on the slopes of the Pirio, at 230 meters above sea level, 14 hectares of vineyards, even very old vineyards, on land with very different slopes and exposures that allow a particular microclimate. Marna, up to 11 meters deep, and silt, the two elements that distinguish the cellar, the strengths of their wines, so much so that they are also emphasized in the name chosen for the Maeli Winery.


The modern winery was founded in 2011 by Elisa Dilavanzo, who thanks to a lucky encounter, as a seller of French wines, finds herself involved in an important project to revalue the indigenous grape variety of these areas, Moscato Giallo, better known as Fior d ‘ Orange. In reality, the challenge is double, because in addition to focusing on a little-known and valued grape variety, it reinterprets it in a new form by focusing on bubbles, including the Classic Method.

Next to the cellar, an elegant Winery House has been created in the ancient and renovated farmhouse, where you can stay among the vineyards surrounded by nature.

Two large and bright double bedrooms, overlooking the vineyard and the cellar, modern common areas, with the wise use of natural and local materials, such as trachyte, a typical stone of these areas. The minimal design and lines, the choice of colors, everything is perfect!

The ideal way to end a relaxing weekend is to choose between one of the two tasting itineraries offered by the winery: “La Via del Moscato Giallo” or the Moscato Giallo in 5 different versions and “Giallo, Rosa, Rosso” a route from Moscato Giallo to Tagli Bordolesi passing through the ancient native varieties, a journey through the colors of wine, among vines of the present and the past.

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