la scuola guesthouse

It looks like a school but it's not!

by nina zerby

The days spent between school desks are perhaps among the happiest and most carefree, years of games, of peeled knees, of endless afternoons.
The school…. who could imagine it now as a place to stay and spend an alternative weekend? This is the realization of a dream, that of Valeria Carfora and Marco Baldan who with passion and love have been able to take in their hands a building from the early 1900s, the former primary school in the country, and transform it into a magical ” guest house “. Located in Lusiana, on the Sette Comuni plateau in the heart of the Vicentine Alps, the Guesthouse will transport you to an absolutely unique atmosphere.
This B&B is surrounded by nature, a small oasis of tranquility that tells a true story, that of a small mountain school, resting on the high Vicenza hills and overlooking the plain which offers an unparalleled panorama. And it is also a place full of distant memories, a dive into the past, and above all an opportunity to return to being children (even for just a few days) and let yourself be surprised again with a touch of nostalgia. To preserve the splendid architecture of the building and its vibrant origin, each room has a theme in memory of its previous use. Playful and poetic here are the rooms you can find:
“History and Letters”, “Sciences”, “Arithmetic”, “Geography” and “Master’s Chamber”.
Breakfast is served in the dining room which was once a classroom serving products from local markets in front of the wood stove.

The Scuola Lusiana Guesthouse is the perfect place to spend a weekend or to access the most popular tourist destinations around Lusiana. The village itself offers an introduction to exquisite regional cuisine and a number of interesting destinations for nature lovers, including alpine parks, Roman archaeological sites and the mountain hut trail. It is definitely an excellent area for hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing and skiing. A stay at La Scuola Guesthouse will immerse you in the local heritage of Lusiana offering a strategic position to visit the rest of the sites and cities of the Veneto.
The owners also offer guests activities such as diving in the woods that characterize the place, excursions for the collection of mushrooms, paths in the fairy Valley of the Mills but also walks designed for reading enthusiasts through the path of Monte Corno that will make you discover the backgrounds of the works by Mario Rigoni Stern, writer originally from the Altopiano di Asiago.
photo courtesy La Scuola Lusiana Guesthouse