Children’s Museum

A journey into science with a high experiential content

by federica lago

For almost a year there has been a special place, dedicated to children, where you can immerse yourself and be fascinated by science: the Children’s Museum in Verona, in the area of ​​the former Magazzini Generali, an area of ​​industrial archeology rich in meaning for the city.
Two floors, a thousand square meters just for children to have fun while learning; a real “journey” to be traveled through elements such as water, air, light, experiencing immersive experiences, studied on pedagogical models suitable for the different ages of children. Special atmospheres to get to know concepts such as colors, energy, constructions, experiments up close.

An interactive and highly experiential museum with a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) theme, the first dedicated to children in the North East and the fourth in Italy, designed for children from 0 to 12 years with visual experiences , sensory, playful and emotional, capable of transmitting complex scientific concepts to them and stimulating creativity.
A space for everyone, small and large, where you can manipulate, observe, learn and know the world around us, exploring your potential. A place where adults and children are called to discover together all the museum’s interactive contents and exhibits, becoming actors and protagonists of a unique experience. Mechanics and carpentry, robotics and creative writing coexist together, following the method of informal learning.

A really interesting project, commissioned by Pleiadi, a Venetian company that deals with communication and dissemination of scientific disciplines through innovative methods, which sees the Cariverona Foundation and the Veneto Region as partners. The museum has become part of a worldwide network that brings together the most important facilities dedicated to children, Hands On! – International Association of Children’s Museums.
A place where informal education takes place, where children can move freely and try, literally “getting their hands dirty”, where they can experience science firsthand.

At the CMV, 3 fundamental rules are respected:

Enter without shoes
Be curious
Do not touch!

And with these simple rules we adults also want to enter!

Photo courtesy Children’s Museums Verona