The Amphitheater of Venda


di nina zerby

Summer, gardens, colored lights, music and friends.

Summer has arrived and with summer the wonder of enchanted villas and gardens that will finally be able to open their secret gates and let us relive a new season. The desire to go out, to listen to good music, to savor a cool drink, perhaps with fruit, and to talk under the stars with friends until late at night, is definitely felt. Because our Italian summer is like this, it has always been like this. And after almost 4 months in which we felt protagonists of a surreal scenario, things seem to resume a kind of normalcy.

It’s true, we can list a myriad of concerts canceled or postponed to 2021, but the time has come to focus on the good news: the restarts and the reopenings.

Raise your hand to those who have not missed the concerts and all the emotions that they feel before, during and after an event. I will raise it for sure! And with total sincerity, I can admit that for weeks I did nothing but wonder when the fateful moment would come when the answer “hopefully soon” would take place on a definitive date.

And finally the answer came and from June 15, shows and concerts have started again. It is a muted green light and initially it may not be everything as we remembered it, there will be restrictive and safety measures to be respected but this certainly does not scare us, we who until a few days ago thought we could not savor the Italian summer as we know it here, in our house. And right here, at our house, there is a magical place, surrounded by nature.

Space, we know, speaks for itself. The Amphitheater of Venda is located within the vineyards of the Ca’ Lustra Zanovello farm, in the heart of the Euganean Hills, 20 km south of Padua.



Just above the highest and most panoramic vineyards, on the edge of the woods of Mount Venda, you can immerse yourself in this beautiful natural theater, among the lush vegetation and a silence made of songs of crickets and noises of the forest. Here you sit on the grass in front of the large larch stage. To welcome you a wooden house for registration, wine pouring, and the poetry of the whole. What could be more beautiful than the freedom to lie down on grass on a blanket, with the sky above your head and letting yourself be carried away by songwriters, music for the cinema and theater plays? I believe very little, at least as regards the summer season a stone’s throw from my house!

For the moment, the dates set on the calendar are five, one of which was the inauguration evening of June 16 but the program is constantly updated and so, hoping to be able to enjoy new poems under the stars, in the meantime, we mark ourselves on the agenda these appointments.

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Anfiteatro del Venda