about us

Get out of the usual routes and take alternative paths with us.

You will discover a completely new and unique territory. The one with the soul, which tells of beautiful smiles and unusual experiences. A journey where stories of people and professionals and the countries in which they live are intertwined, of the spaces in which they create, stories of objects, clothes, furniture, sounds, perfumes, memories and unmissable addresses.

Because Veneto is not just gondolas and prosecco!


We love communication and to tell what we are most passionate about we use tools such as publishing, marketing and branding journalism. Our ideas are born in a small town located at the foot of the Venetian foothills and spread through our projects and together with our customers. We feed on the tradition of our territory by putting it at the service of the contemporary by creating a dialogue with the industry of design, culture, wine and food, fashion, publishing and all that we are passionate about.



project manager



loves breakfast at the bar with a newspaper to browse, fresh flowers, a glass of classic method


hates people who speak out loud, eat quickly, crowded beaches


city NY, Venice, Rome



art director


loves summer dinners in the countryside with friends, picking raspberries (and eating them!) the south wind


hates presumption, television, too obvious makeup


city Tokyo, Florence, Paris






loves basil, go to concerts, tickles on back


hates ones that “I’ve never tasted it but I already know I don’t like it”, cracked lips, never satisfied and argumentative people


city Barcelona, Istanbul, Porto

writer and activist


loves modernism, cats, gardens


hates the indifferents, hunting, crossbody bag


city Naples, Athènes, Milano

what we can do for you and with you
we tell your projects with a brilliant and authentic narration
we imagine and create beautiful, useful and futile things
we are a creative studio where design and communication explore contemporary universes to find the right idea for you








KURA basement Milano
pitti immagine – firenze
università ca’ foscari – venezia
ufficio mostre daverio & associati di philippe daverio – milano
galleria blanchaert – milano

adottaitalia – vicenza
adottaamerica – miami
project officina creativa
zordan 1965
pencil studio networking
angela loveday photographer
piero martinello photographer
lago film fest
scuola Internazionale di grafica

fondazione italiana sommelier

istituto regionale ville venete

unione montana astico

consorzio tutela vini gambellara

viticultori d’italia


nodo expo
idee tour
gourmet on the road
xxx fuorifestival pesaro
CÓDEC/Festival de Vídeo y Creaciones Sonoras
invasioni digitali
progetto x
fondamenta 3.0
lago pulsart
lago film fest
dance for health and parkinson
sotto la vigna